Effective planning is very important to the successful outcome of every project, and at M&M Enterprises comprehensive pre-construction services. Our clients appreciate the advantage offered by our formal, systematic approach to pre-construction one based on knowledge and experience.
We offer a roadmap that identifies the timing of all pre-construction activities, and defines the project approach and services, from initial concept through the finalized contract. The roadmap helps clients understand and visualize how their project is progressing through the pre-construction process. The M&M Enterprises Quality Assurance and Quality Control program sets ourpre-construction services apart from the competition. M&M Enterprises is dedicated to reducing errors and communicating smart solutions to the challenges of design and construction. Though it begins in the design phase, the Quality Assurance continues through the warranty period and maintains an absolute focus on quality and execution of even the smallest details.
At The M&M Enterprises we build more than buildings — we build relationships. We offer you 25 years of experience. Our people are your advocates at every step, delivering a quality building experience. You’ll get more options, more value and more predictable results thanks to collaborative partnerships during precons-truction. And you can depend on expert construction designed to outperform the competition and ensure satisfaction. Post-construction, your building will be your legacy — and ours. So, how can M&M Enterprises help you?